Thank You For ALL the Great Memories!

Way back in 2010, back when Dan Con was just a twinkle in my eye, I never knew it would become something I would be able to be so proud of. Over the past 4 years, I was able to bring you all 5 Dan Con events, and every single one of them was such a HUGE success. I always knew that putting on a Comic Book show would be a hit, but I never knew it would be like this.

From Day 1, I always knew that this show would focus on Comic Books. What I was seeing at the larger shows was a focus on other things, yet they were using the word COMIC in their name, and it did not make sense to me. So I set out to showcase the people who make the books, and give them an event to really show off what they do.

I was able to allow over 150 different Comic Creators the chance to come to the Chicago Southland and present you their comic creations. They were able to share their art and stories with the public, in a small more intimate setting, then you would find at C2E2 or Wizard World. So I thank each and every single one of them for being a part of the show over the years.

The Comic Dealers always had a great mix of product. You could find the 50¢ boxes and the high grade Gold and Silver Age books that you needed for your collections. I think it was always safe to say that if it was a book you needed, you could probably find it at Dan Con.

So why am I walking away? Why is this the end? Well to be honest, it's time. I know now, that it is the right time to walk away. I did what I wanted to do, and I did it very well. People left Dan Con with smiles on their faces, and comics in their hands. When I started this show the ONLY other shows in the area were Wizard and C2E2. Now there are TONS of amazing shows popping up all over this great area. You have TCS, NWI Comic-Con, Lake Count.I.Con, FC3 Comic Convention and more. It's time to let them take over, and I know they will all do an amazing job of putting on top notch shows.

So seriously, from me to ALL of you out there who came to Dan Con either as a Creator, Dealer or Guest... thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my dream come true.

- Decapitated Dan

Thank You!

Thank you everyone who attended or setup at Dan Con! The show was a huge success all thanks to you!
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